Kindergarten Readiness Program!

Love to Learn Preschool has developed a program to help four year
old children begin their transition into kindergarten.  Through
monthly testing we track each child’s learning to assure all skills and
concepts are learned by kindergarten.  Parents receive results
monthly as well as progress reports in December and in June.  We
use a theme based curriculum that keeps learning fun and
interesting.  Our curriculum follows the Department of Education
guidelines and is designed and taught by degreed and licensed
teachers. Math, science, and social studies are incorporated in
group activities as well as art.

                                          Concepts / Skills
Children will enter kindergarten with the following concepts and skills:
        Letter recognition
        Number recognition and counting skills
        Fine motor control (including name writing)
        Months, Seasons, Days, Calendar concepts
        Pre-reading skills
        Language development
        Group participation
        Personal info (address, birthday, phone #, etc.)

This program runs September through June.  You may enroll at
anytime for this program.  Please contact us for our flexible
scheduling options and enrollment information.  Hurry and
reserve your child's spot now!
Love to Learn Preschool &
Daycare Center, Inc.