Our infant classroom consists of infants 1 month through 15 months.  This
classroom offers a nurturing environment and an open schedule to allow each
infant to be on their own schedule for naps, feedings, floor play, etc.   Since the
center is licensed for 7 infants we offer only full day slots.  Developmental
evaluations are completed for each infant every 3 months.

Our toddler program consists of children between the ages of 15 months and 2
years & 9 months.  Since this classroom only allows 9 students, we offer only
full day slots.  Our center contains many interest areas that will stimulate
toddlers.  During this extremely important time in their life the children are
offered the opportunity to explore, learn through play, understand, develop at
their own pace and interest level, and begin to reinforce skills and concepts.  
Toddler children are taught a curriculum that prepares them for the preschool
classroom.  Developmental evaluations are completed for each toddler every
December and June.

Our preschool program consists of children between the ages of 2 years & 9
months through 5 years old.  Through our theme based curriculum, a child’s
social, emotional, cognitive, and communicative skills are developed and
enhanced through activities such as:
♥Language Enrichment ♥ Math concepts ♥Art ♥ Science concepts
♥ Music ♥Dramatic play  ♥ Small and large group activities ♥ Outdoor activities
♥ Calendar concepts ♥ and much more!
Monthly testing is done to help evaluate what areas need to be focused on for
each preschool student.  Formal evaluations are done in December and June

Children who attend kindergarten can be enrolled in our center before and/or
after school.  Due to the limited space, children already enrolled in our
preschool program are offered these slots first.  Please contact us for more
Love to Learn Preschool &
Daycare Center, Inc.